Dreamy Ham and Pear Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • 2 slices of thick cut bread (we used French bread)
  • 1 Bartlett pear, thinly sliced
  • 5-6 slices of thinly sliced maple-honey ham
  • 50 g cranberry cinnamon goat cheese
  • Handful of alfalfa sprouts
  • Small amount of butter
  1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat.
  2. Lightly butter both slices of bread.
  3. On one slice of bread (un-buttered side), layer ham, pears, and goat cheese.
  4. Top with sprouts, and finally the second slice of bread (butter side out).
  5. Grill over medium heat for approximately 5-6 minutes or until cheese begins to melt and bread begins to turn a golden brown colour.
  6. If using a grill press, gently press down while cooking to achieve grill marks on both sides. If using a standard frying pan or flat top grill, simply flip halfway through cooking process.
  7. Remove from heat and serve immediately.
Recipe by My Wife's Muffin at http://mywifesmuffin.ca/2015/03/dreamy-ham-and-pear-grilled-cheese-sandwich.html