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Greetings! - May 14th, 2014

MyWifesMuffin_WebHello!  I’m guessing that you weren’t expecting a baking blog, but that’s what this is! My wife loves to bake and I like to eat (what guy doesn’t, amirite?). The idea for this blog came when I brought a freshly baked batch of my wife’s muffins to the office. As I was sharing them with coworkers, I suggested that they ‘try my wife’s muffin’.

Yep. A simple slip of the tongue and an idea was born.

I’ll be showcasing my wife’s baking recipes in three sections:

  • Morning Glory:  breakfast & brunch baked bites.
  • Afternoon Delight:  snacks & midday confectioneries.
  • Night Cap:  desserts & treats.

What can I say? I think my wife is sexy and I think her baking is sexy. So, yeah. I’m going to put a sexy spin on this little (ahem, size doesn’t matter, right?) baking blog.

Check back later this week for my wife’s hottest muffin recipe. It’s the one she’s been asked for most often.

Bake on,


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