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Once A Cheater S’mores Brownies - Aug 27th, 2014

If you stopped by last week, you know my wife’s been cheating lately. It’s true, she’s been baking up some of her easiest go-to recipes like her My Wife Scores (or Cheater Skor Candy Bars). This week she admitted to cheating again, but for very good reason…


Every year, my father-in-law invites friends and family for a whole day and night of food, music, drink, and outdoor fun. Since he moved last year, the event was held at his new home in beautiful Prince Edward County, near the Bay of Quinte (never visited? What are you waiting for?!). He also had some local musicians come out and play a live set. Add to that a gluttonous amount of delicious food including: nacho dip, a variety of salads, sausage, burgers, chicken curry rotis, ribs. My mouth is salivating just thinking of all that great food! Did I mention that potluck buffets are my favourite?


This year, one of the kids attending the BBQ had peanut allergies. My wife wanted to make sure that there was at least one peanut-free sweet treat available at the buffet table. Normally, my wife likes to bake from scratch, but in times of extreme busyness, she cheats on her baking and buys something prepackaged. These packages were clearly labelled as peanut-free. Since my wife buys most of her pantry items from bulk food stores, it would have been challenging to ensure that all the ingredients had not been in contact with peanuts. A packaged mix helped alleviate that problem, and also ensured that there was something sweet available for all the children to enjoy.


Since it’s nearing the end of summer, and some guests at the BBQ were planning on pitching a tent for the night, my wife thought a play on S’mores would be a hit. She settled on S’mores brownies, and after a quick search online, she found several worthwhile recipes here, here, and here (and even a S’mores pie recipe… mmmm, pie…). Of course since she cheated this week… and last week, we couldn’t help but call them Once A Cheater S’mores Brownies. Since there’s so many similar recipes available online, I won’t bother repeating the full recipe here. It’s a simple one, consisting of a graham cracker crust topped with a brownie mix and finished off with marshmallows.

Simple… and delicious!

Bake on!
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