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IMG_0834My Wife’s Muffin is a saucy web site run by a husband and wife team. We thrive on churning out punny recipes and shareable (and sometimes, terrible) food pun fun. We cook up recipes and whip up original food punnery. You’ll also find cats here… because let’s face it cats are everywhere on the Internet. Far be it for us to deny our feline overlords their 15 minutes of fame. So, yeah. That’s what you’ll find here – at least for now. In the future, we plan on serving up more great goodies, including our very own store.

So, what’s the deal with our name? Well, hubby brought a tray of wife’s muffins to work one day and offered them to his co-workers accompanied with the line, “Would you like to try my wife’s muffin?” The ensuing giggles and jokes led hubby and wife to pondering the idea of building a brand around the quip. A couple years later, we decided to give it a go… and here we are.

We hope you pull a seat up at our table and stay awhile!

Comments and feedback are always welcome. You can contact us here.

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The Wife:

Melissa a.k.a. Mae, the wife over at My Wife’s Muffin, writes and maintains the blog. She’s also the social media maven behind all our networks. FYI, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+… and yes, she is the primary baker and cook behind all the recipes we share on the blog.

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Melissa is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who has worked primarily in the tourism and technology industries. In 2010, she took a break from her career and returned to school to complete a combined honours degree in psychology, and religion. Shortly after completing her degree, she and her husband (plus their feline overlords) relocated to her hometown in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. When she’s not blogging, baking or working the social media channels, Melissa enjoys gardening, painting and making stuff… mostly out of other people’s junk.

You can find Melissa at various stops along the information highway including The Feed @ BlackChicken, where she blogs about religion, psychology, and everyday musings.

We’re just getting to the main dish, so keep devouring!

The Husband:25

Gregg, the husband behind the muffin, provides original photography and graphic design for the blog, and is working on future iterations of the site (stay tuned!). He’s also the source of endless inspiration and the participant in incessant brainstorming sessions. Of course, he approves every post since the blog is written from his point of view. And yes, he is the primary taste tester behind all the recipes we share on the blog.

Too little to satiate your appetite? We’re not done yet!

Gregg is a web developer and technology consultant specializing in UX (that’s user-centered design for those of us that’d have to Google that). When his full-time job, or house renovations aren’t keeping him busy, he enjoys learning new skills. Gregg is a self-taught musician, web developer, photographer, and all-round handyman and tech whiz. When he’s not connected to his PC, he enjoys … ah, who are we kidding?

You can find Gregg at various stops along the information highway including his personal blog where he doesn’t really blog all that often, but when he does it’s usually about tech, music, or gaming.

Still got room for dessert? We have what you’re looking for! Cheers!